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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign up?
Membership to Darling VIPs will run the duration of an entire month, regardless of days. Payment will need to be received 48 hours before the 1st of the month. Reminders of this date will be sent to prospective and existing VIPs prior to payment. Sadly, failure to meet these deadlines will result in your access to the group being postponed. You will have to wait until the next month to rejoin the club.
All payments are strictly non-refundable. 

How can I pay?
Invoices will be sent and payment can be received via Paypal or Bank Transfer.

Can I sign up several months in advance?
Yes, we do offer some great incentives!
Signing up in either three or six month intervals unlocks special gifts for your children.
For more information, message us directly! 

How do I access the subscription material?
You will need to have access to Facebook. Once paid up, you will be invited into a private group where you can see live feeds, activities, videos and messages. Similarly, it is worth noting that in order for guests to appear in lives with characters, using facebook via the mobile app is encouraged and advised.

How do I know what the schedule is / what to prepare?
Our characters will aim to release a monthly schedule at the start of each subscription month. Here, they will outline every significant event, such as lives and any other equipment, materials or space you may need. Similarly, if you cannot make an event, do not fret! All our live sessions will be available for the entire month so you can watch (or rewatch) activities again at a time that is more convenient. However, please be aware that these videos will be removed once the month is up. 

I have more than one child, do I have to pay again?
No! Once you have paid the first monthly subscription, any other child is welcome to enjoy the experience along with their siblings. However, if you would like your additional children to receive one of our magical and bespoke royal letters through the post, we will need to receive a further £5 per child. This should be specified at the start of the month when completing the booking form. 

Do we get to select the characters of the month? 
Sadly, no. Our characters are super busy visiting all their new friends in various kingdoms that it’s not always possible for certain characters to be available. However, our characters will change every month, not only reflecting any special holidays but, more importantly, giving opportunity for your children to meet all kinds of characters. Similarly, we hope by offering multiple characters at a time every child will have a character they are excited to meet. 

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